Lago di Lesina

An Excursion Among the Lake and Nature

Il "Bosco Isola"

Il “Bosco Isola” (the Island Forest) is one of our area's greatest attractions and is located right in Marina di Lesina.

This coastal sand bar was formed by centuries of accumulation of silt and rubble carried by the river Fortore that flows into the Adriatic nearby.

Il Bosco Isola, extending for 15 km, is magnificent example of the mediterranean's effect on the dunes. Inside the forest, you will find oaks and pines mixed with hornbeam trees, elms, bay trees, myrtle, rosemary, heather, and juniper. You will also find other rare flora, such as the "Cesto di Clusio," a rare plant species found only in this area.

Because of its varied geology, the island is a perfect natural habitat for many rare birds while they conduct their winter migrations and lay their eggs. You can also find many turtles and a rich assortment of rare plants.

Il Bosco Isola can be considered a large ecological laboratory situated inside the National Park of the Gargano, where visitors can enjoy direct, magical contact with nature.

Lake and Nature

To some, the name "Umbra" refers to the ancient population of Umbrians who used to live in the forest. For others, the name simply comes from the thick cover of vegetation creating many areas of shade!

The Umbrian Forest is the green center of the National Park of the Gargano, and reaches up to 830 m in altitude. The forest is thousands of years old and, despite occasional deforestation and fires that have happened over the centuries, it has preserved its lush vegetation. In the highest part you find the broad-leaved plants--white and black hornbeam trees, maples, and belly oak. Lower you will find the smaller beech trees extending downward to almost 270 m above sea level. In the undergrowth there are various species of herbaceous flora, from dozens of orchid species to anemones, violets, and cyclamens.

The Tour

Boat excursions on the lake with a guide are available. Trips last about 2 hours and leave from Aquarotta, going in the direction of San Clemente Island, then Lesina. Those who wish to visit the area along the lake, as well as the historical center and bird park, may disembark from the boat.

Lunch with a tasting menu: Taste our regional dishes, including antipasto, first course, second course, side dish, water, wine, coffee, dessert or ice cream (gelato).


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