S.Giovanni Rotondo

Luogo di culto, spirito ed emozioni

Spirit and emotion

San Giovanni Rotondo rises out of the peaks of the Gargano. Today it is known as the home of Padre Pio of Petralcina, and is where he accomplished his good works. At one time San Giovanni Rotondo was a small village of shepherds and merchants. It was settled around the year 1,000 AD in the ruins of a village dating back to the 4th century. The ruins of a circular baptistry still remain and from here we get the name rotondo. The baptistry was dedicated first to the cult of Gianes, the two-faced God, and then later consecrated to San Giovanni Rotondo.(Qui mi sono confusa un po’, forse tu la puoi rileggere) Today San Giovanni Rotondo hosts thousands of faithful, honoring the saint at the awe-inspiring church constructed by Renzo Piano, where his clothes are on display. Next to the new church is the small, old church where Padre Pio lived and celebrated mass. A few meters over on the right you will find the Casa Sollievo di Sofferenza, the research hospital founded by Padre Pio.


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